Project Package

As part of the Project Package, STREET SMART assigns a Project Manager who is committed to your project. The Project Manager draws plans and comprehensive proposals for the scope of the campaign, elements required, permissions required and the associated timeline for the project.

The Project Manager will also be responsible to see the event through to completion and provide a post campaign analysis on the effectiveness of the campaign. The staffing requirements will be taken care of by STREET SMART Human Solutions.

 New Product Launch in the market
 Launch Conferences
 Team Building
 Incentive programs
 Product Sampling Activities
 Consumer Education and Sales Push Activities
 Door to Door Sampling
 Road Shows
 Learning and Development Projects
        - IT,
        - Hospitality
        - Etiquette trainings
 Business Conferences and Seminars
 Fashion Shows
 Gala dinners
 Commencement Exercises / Graduation Ceremonies
 Birthday parties
 School events
        - Field trips
        - Sports Days,
        - Annual Day events etc.